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The spectacle’s stage

O palco do espetáculo

People always ask what’s the most beautiful side of the Iguassu Falls. But the truth is there’s no way to compare! Picture this: on the Brazilian side, you’re part of the crowd, watching the show. And, on the Argentinean side, you’re on the backstage, watching (closely) what no one else can see.

The Argentinean side also adds a bit more of emotion to the tour, as the trails are up the Iguaçu river. But the highlight is when we get “face to face” to the Devil’s Throat, the biggest fall from the 275: 80-meter-high and a hypnotizing strength.

The tour gets you in touch with nature, where you can observe the fauna and the flora of the Iguazú National Park.

The spectacle’s stage

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